Friday, June 6, 2014

Blackburn Letter: Is she on drugs??

I received this letter from a friend today.

Do you believe this woman?
She says there isn't any sufficient evidence to impeach President Obama.

The marked paragraph says:

"We must remember that President Obama was elected by a majority of the American people.  Until there is sufficient evidence that President Obama has committed an impeachable offense, my main legislative focus will remain on creating jobs, helping grow our economy, and representing the people of Tennessee's 7th District.  Please be assured I will continue to do all in my sworn duty to hold President Obama and his administration accountable." 

I really think this woman is on "Kool Aid."

I'll say this once and I'll say this again.  Barack Obama has committed treason and the Fast & Furious scandal can really become his undoing.

The American people want justice.  By having Congressmen in office who wish to play it safe.  Will not get the job done.

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  1. Blackburn was a real shocker BECAUSE she promised the late H.D. Howard of Crab Orchard, TN, in her first run that she would never vote for any bill that would increase the size, scope, power, reach, or cost of Government. She almost immediately forgot that promise.