Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Another One Bites The Dust??

I’m glad Eric Cantor is history.

Now I guarantee you that Eric Cantor will take off his “Conservative Mask” and vote more with the left for bigger and bigger government and make a lot of money.

Just like Bob Barr did a few years ago.

Now I wonder if the winner of that primary, David Brat has the balls to make the following statement???

“If elected to the US House of Representatives I will look at these bills.  Then I will ask a question.  Does that bill increase the size, cost; extend the reach or power of government?  If so I WILL VOTE NO ON THAT BILL FOR THOSE REASONS”

I will make that statement and that’s exactly what I will do.

Will he???

Now who is this David Brat?

How did he raise $200,000?

Who are his contributors?

Remember that an unknown who was running for Governor of Virginia as a “Libertarian” received money from Obama supporters?

Is Mr. Brat going to be used as cannon fodder for something even more insidious?

Will he be used to convince “We The People” that the Tea Party (which in my opinion is controlled opposition)  (My comments on Tea-Parties from February, 2011)
will take away votes from the Republi-con’s and help the Demo craps win?

Now what did you really win?  The only positive thing that happened is that an establishment moderate (weak) Republi-con was kicked out of office.

Now let’s talk about another powerful establishment politician that got kicked out of office because of his treason against this country.

That would be former Speaker of the House, Thomas Foley.

He got beat by a political outsider like Mr. Brat in the 1994 Democratic Party primary.

The people of Mr. Foley’s district were fed up with him.  Mr.Foley’s children went to the University of Washington and paid out of state tuition because he really didn’t have his principal residence in Washington State.

Now what killed Tom Foley was his support for Bill Clinton and NAFTA.

The gentlemen who beat Foley wound up losing the election to a Republican, George Nethercutt,  who is served 10 years in the House of Representatives and probably doing what he is told to do. (roboticrepresentatives)

Now with the election of a Republi-con majority in 1994 did Clinton get impeached?

Did NAFTA get repealed?

Did any of Clinton’s gun laws get overturned?

Did the government grow in size, cost, reach and power? (Yes)

Did Tom Foley suffer financially after he got kicked out 1994? (NO)

Now guess what happened to a bunch of Senators who voted to give away the Panama Canal.  Most of them were voted out of office.  Do we have our canal?

No, but I’m sure the Chinese are taking care of that.

Now don’t cry about Eric Cantor.  I’m sure he will be making more money in a year with fewer restrictions than he made as a Congress critter.

I hope Mr. Brat is the real thing but I really doubt it.

Nothing is going to happen.

Now if you want to make something happen, support someone who will tell you up front how they will vote.

Like me.

I will VOTE NO on any bill which would increase the size, cost, extend the reach or power of the government no matter how cleverly it’s disguised.

Will Mr. Brat say that?

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If you have any comments please feel free to get back to me,

My motto is:

Increasing liberty through decreasing government.



Now why is this "victory" all over the lame-stream media?
Why is "good news" on the front of USA Today?
Why does the collectivist elitist scum establishment want you to know about this?

Think about why???????

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