Sunday, October 14, 2012

Signs On The Road, Political Signs


Well as I go about my business.  You know my day job of owning and operating this eighteenwheeler I see a lot of these United States.

Since September there have been a lot of political signs growing through the grass like weeds.
No matter where I drove I would see this blight on nature.
The one thing in common between all these political signs no matter where they are is that they are advertising local races.

For example,
John Jones for County Commissioner.
Betsy Smith for Judge
Adolph Meatgrinder for Executioner.
(Did you know that in a Democracy you can pick your own executioner?  Victor Hugo said it and I really believe it.)
Hillary Schwartz for Tax Collector.

Etc, Etc, Etc.

Now what you don’t see are signs for any Federal Office, like Congress, US Senate or most importantly that hotly contested race for the top job of Present-Idiot.

I wonder why those races are being hidden from We the People?


I have just taken a trip to a place called Big Island, VA. On VA 122.  This is dedicated to Booker T. Washington, a GREAT AMERICAN.
All I see for miles and miles are little yard signs advertising the campaign for President  of some clown named Mitt Romney,
(I wonder why he doesn’t use his real name of Willard
Mitt Romney.    I think Willie sounds better).

So now I’m starting to see the signs for the Presidential Election.

Election, What Election?

According to my friend Charlie Smith, who is The Smartest Man I Know
What is going on now is the same thing that happened in 1980.
You had these groups being set up like ABC, Anyone But Carter and Democrats For Reagan (well wasn’t Ronnie a Democrat at one time?)

The insiders.  You know those really nice globalists who have our “best” interests at heart.
What they are going to do is to use Mitt as a way to consolidate their gains that they made under Obama.

We are being led to a dictatorship my fellow American’s.

The way to stop it is to get rid of these Congressmen who keep funding the increase in the size, cost, extending the reach and power of government.

Ask yourself a question.  Do you want any more government?????

I didn’t think so.


While driving south on US 13 in Virginia all I saw were Obama signs.  So what????

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