Sunday, October 14, 2012

Signs Of Treason

Woodrow Wilson Rehabilitation Center

Well I saw this sign on I 64 going east just after the split with I81.

This was just before exit 91.

The Woodrow Wilson Rehabilitation Center.

That’s funny.  I wonder what he rehabilitated?
He sure had a major hand in destroying these United States.
He sure did some rehabilitation on these United States for those International Bankers.

Just remember what good old “Woodie” did.  He talked a good game but let’s look at the record.

He shoved the Federal Reserve act down our throats as a Christmas present to his masters in 1913.  That act has essentially destroyed the value of our money and made Trillions in profits for a group of International Criminals.

Put the state militias under the direct control of the Federal Government.

Got US into World War One.  Remember he campaigned on the promise that he would keep your children out of war. 
He lied.  You know politicians lie a lot you know.
You may say that people who wear suits and ties are experts at telling lies.
But those of US who wear Boots and Jeans know what the truth means.

You know what else he socked US with???
The Income Tax as a present.  \
That sure rehabilitated the country.

All you have to do is to look at his advisor, Edward Mandell House.   
A man with tremendous ties to the English Crown.

You know what else is interesting about good old Woodrow Wilson?????
If I asked 100 people off the street what was Woodrow Wilson’s real name I don’t think I would get an answer.

As a matter of fact it seems that a lot of these criminals use aliases.

Does anybody remember Joseph Stalin’s real name?  (Dzhugashvili)

How about Vladimir Lenin?  (Ulynaov)

What about Leon  Trotsky?   (Bronshtein)

How in the name of all that’s good and holy did he come up with Trotsky?????

I have always wondered how these guys came up with these names.

Interesting how these criminals change their names. 

You know many years ago I had the pleasure of meeting Linda Thompson.

She made a movie which told the truth about the “Waco” raid.

Do you know what she told me?  Most of these politicians do not run under their real names. 

So for example neo-conman Bill McCollum’s real name is Ira William McCollum

Very interesting Ira.  What are you hiding????

I wonder what Schumer’s real name is???  ADOLPH.???

Anyway valued reader, I can go on and on.  Just remember that people like Thomas Woodrow Wilson keep giving US more and more government as solutions to our problems which they had a hand in creating.

You know that’s a Pretty Neat Trick.  Create a problem and offer a solution which puts more and more power in your hands and the hands of like minded people.


Thought you should know.

Lenny Ladner

PS.  My real name is Leonard D. Ladner and I’m not hiding anything.

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