Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Money In Politics

Why would anybody spend a million dollars for a political job that pays under, two hundred thousand a year????
Well let’s do it this way.
You have a liberal politician. The liberal politician goes in front of a liberal crowd. Like the ACLU. The ACLU raises money and gives the politician money for his campaign.
Now you have a conservative politician. The conservative politician goes in front of a conservative crowd. Like the NRA. They give him money for his campaign.
Now this is where the differences end.
The money that goes into the campaign can be used for the campaign or if there is money left over used for the next campaign or the politician whether it’s the conservative or liberal can use this money any way he wants after the proper paperwork is filed with the Federal Election Commission, State Election Commission and the Internal Revenue Service.
Now this is where it gets interesting:
You have a Conservative Politician. Maybe he is a Constitutionalist, maybe he is a good person, but I doubt it. He is told by his party; I guess he is running as a Republican, that if you do what the party or the Republican National Committee tells you to do we will make sure that you have no opposition in the primaries. So you won’t have to spend any money.
And if it is a Liberal Politician, the Democratic Party says, you know what, you do what we tell you to do, or do what the Democratic National Committee tells you to do. We will make sure that there will be no opposition against you in the primaries.
This way you will not have to spend any money
So the politician goes to the primaries. He doesn’t have any opposition and doesn’t have to use any money in his campaign chest.
Now a politician that has been in office a long time, whether he’s a conservative or a liberal he does what he is told to do. The opposing party either doesn’t run anybody, like in the case of John Q. Duncan in the Second District of Tennessee.
Until my friends and I ran John Greene against him in 2002, 2004 and 2006

Or the other party runs a weakling against the incumbent politician
This guarantees that the incumbent stays in office.
Oh, and yes he doesn’t have to spend much money to get reelected.
Guess what happens to the money? It stays in the campaign chest.
Now you figure out over five terms, eight terms, ten terms and longer.
How much money can these clowns put away???????
Think about it.
And you know what. It’s all legal. You know why it’s legal.
They wrote the laws. That makes it legal. Does it make it right???
But this is stuff you ought to know.

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