Friday, January 20, 2012

Congressional Robots

The little robots that you elected to represent you in the House of Representatives don't listen to you.
They are following orders!
From Whom?????

Both sides are in lockstep with their parties.

Who is giving the orders?



Who is giving them the orders?

Who is writing the “playbook?”

Who makes the policy?

Fabian Socialist Society

Fabian Tracts for both sides

Right wing solution to problem

Left wing solution to problem

The publication that was used here was called “Critical Issues.”

It took a liberal position on an issue and a conservative position

On an issue.

Any thing else was speaking “Outside the box” and not allowed.

The result, "Robotic Representatives" who couldn't give a rats ass about the oath they took to you and me.

Net result, each and every session of Congress increases the size, cost, extends the reach and power of the government.

They have more power and you less.

Thought you ought to know.


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