Friday, January 20, 2012


What is a Non-Governmental Organization?

It's an organization that advocates something;
like more and more government.

This is what I plan to do about it.

If you remember after the 2010 Congressional Elections.
The head of Planned Parenthood was interviewed and she admitted
that her organization gets almost a million dollars from the Federal Government.

That's your money. The giveaways to these loudmouth organizations need to stop!

By the way,,,, Where is Rush Limbaugh on this issue???

AWOL, what do you expect, he is collecting a BIG PAYCHECK!

What do you think about this issue?


1 comment:

  1. I think we have been complacent for too long. The "right" is as indoctrinated as they say the "left" is and the "left" is likewise as indoctrinated as the "right." Both "sides" are berating those who see it. The constitution has no sides and neither should we. It is a deliberate divide and conquer and nearly all, though not quite, politicians in office today are complicit to the down fall of this once great nation. AND, I hope you get elected Lenny.