Sunday, April 10, 2016

Are You A Politician

Are you a politician or are you a statesman???

All a Politician cares about is getting elected and reelected.
A Statesman cares about his country and its future.

My rant for today, April, 10, 2016

Now if you want to have fun with a politician who is looking to 
pick your pocket,  (well raise funds for his campaign.)

Send him a check for $1.00 and ask him for a receipt.
The paperwork will cost more than your "contribution."

The next time you meet a politician ask him a question.
Are you ready to do something about pandering politicians?
This is how to deal with a political parasite.
The only thing that counts!
Are politicians smarter than you???
Who should I vote for (how about vote against)

Well I'm not going to raise any money because the system is stacked against candidates who represent real change.

Thanks for your time and I hope you like what I say.

Lenny Ladner for Congress, Tennessee's 7th Congressional District

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