Monday, April 18, 2016

Are You A Reactionary?


Say, did you hear what Sharon Tate's sister said on Good Morning America today???

"The Manson Murder Family are DOMESTIC TERRORISTS."

Are you following the latest reaction to the "Gay Lobby?"


Why do they want you to react to this?????


This communication started out when I tried (unsuccessfully) to calm a friend down who is quite upset about current events (and frankly I don't blame him).

What does Benghazi have to do with Gun Control?

What does Gun Control have to do with Obamacare?

What does Obamacare have to do with Fast and Furious?

What does Fast and Furious have to do with Obama giving planes to Egypt???



This is typical of the three ring circus going on in Washington, DC and being reported by the prostitute press.

If you keep looking at this you will get really frustrated and dizzy and as the tyrant King George said,
"Your mind would be giddy with war and rumors of war."

Now what they are doing is hiding something.


The next step of this conspiracy is to CHANGE THE MONEY. 

Think of this, what would happen if our dollar was replaced by first the "Amero" and then the "Eurodollar."

We would lose sovereignty.  Without our own money we don't own our own country.


These pricks may be going for the whole deal right now.


Do you understand how money is created???

Do you understand that creation of money does not expand wealth?

Watch this video.

Stop being played for a sucker.

It is more important to yank their chain.

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