Saturday, March 19, 2016

Murder In Maryland

Some lame-brained, slippery slimy politician whose behavior borders on treason introduced a bill in Maryland which would ban most self loading firearms.  The bill passed and some good people hired a lawyer who will argue this case up to the Supreme Court (and lose).  Whenever a bill passes on the state level it will ONLY EFFECT THAT STATE.  If it gets challenged in the courts the results could effect ALL these United States.  

My response to these insane events.

What a lot of good American's haven't figured out yet is that these slippery slimy politicians in the state legislatures don't write the bills that they introduce.  They are introducing bills written by some Anti-American think tank, an NGO or the United Nations.

Transparent Government, from 2009

Now the way to stop this cold in its tracks would be to send the slippery slimy politician a simple letter in a handwritten envelope:

Dear Mr. Slippery Politican:

I understand that you have introduced bill #12345678 which would ban firearms.
I want to know if you wrote that bill.
If you didn't write that bill I want a list of all the people and groups they work for who wrote that bill.

John Q Citizen

If you want to get into this fight, learn to ask a question,

"If this bill passes will it increase the size, cost, extend the reach or power of government??"

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