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Quack Quack: I want my country back.

Duck Dynasty.

Not what it’s quacked up to be?

Sorry folks.  I’m going to have to tell this tale from a first person, point of view.

Now we have all been exposed to the TV show, “Duck Dynasty” for better or worse.

I don’t ordinarily watch TV but last April 10 I was subjected to it…For over four hours. 
 I was having my truck worked on at the Volvo dealer in Memphis, TN and Duck Dynasty was the only thing on TV.

Now I will be honest with you.  I really hate the show…I can’t figure out why anyone would spend over $45,000 to write, and shoot an episode of this or any other “reality” show.  However I will tell you that I really like the Robertson family and their friends.

Especially Phil, Si and Miss Kay Robertson.  I think they are good hardworking ordinary people with traditional American values.

At the end of April I moved my finance, “Firecracker” down to Tennessee and we tied the knot on July 4.  Congratulations are in store. 

“Firecracker” wanted cable TV as a condition on moving in.

Well where I live in Lewis County Tennessee cable TV is non existent.

So to satisfy my soon to be wife we got “Dish Network” installed at our house.

What does this have to do with Duck Dynasty??????

The young fellow, Derek who did the installation asked me if I ever heard of the show.

I told him that I was subjected to it for four hours and could think of better things to watch, something like “The Godfather” or “Little Caesar”

Well Derek, said that Will Robertson comes to Lewis County to  go hunting with some Country and Western singer who lives down the block.  Now I don’t remember the name of the celebrity whom he mentioned.  I know it wasn’t Johnny Cash or Bird so I really don’t care.

Anyway according to Derek…  Will Robertson was invited to the White House and had a meeting with Obama. (I will not defame the memory of former American Presidents by addressing him as President, sorry.)

At that point a bomb went off in my head.  Uncle Si Robertson was in Viet Nam.

If I were Uncle Si I would have a big problem with my nephew going to meet Obama.


Now around early May all I saw was Duck Dynasty merchandise all over the place.

In every department store, truck stop, bar, bookie joint, underground arms manufacturer and even at a Volvo dealer,


What is really going on here?????

In my not so humble opinion the collectivist, elitist, financial scum, eastern establishment, is setting up the Robertson family to frame the right side of the debate.

Now what does “Frame the Debate” mean.

Lets take an issue.  The United Nuisance (United Nations) is a good example.

The debate over this issue has a liberal, globalist who argues that the United Nations is the best opportunity for world peace.  (In reality we have had more people killed in wars since 1945 than the total of deaths in both World Wars.)

The “liberal” is the left side of the debate.

You then have a “Conservative” argue on the right side.

He says that the United Nations is a failure and needs to be reformed.

(You know it’s interesting how many “Conservative” Republi-con’s offer this line of dreck.)

He occupies the right side.

The proper answer is from a Constitutionalist and it is, these United States needs to get out of the United Nations.

Let’s frame another debate. 

The Second Amendment.

On the left side you have Feinstein who advocates total confiscation of firearms owned by law abiding citizens of these United States.  On the right side you have some Republi-con woose who wants to ban a particular type of gun.  The outsider on this debate is someone like me who says that the Second Amendment is the people’s final defense against a tyrannical government.

Now the question should be are the Robertson’s going to be used against We the People

Without their knowledge.

Yes they are.  Phil Robertson endorsed a candidate for the 5th Congressional District by the name of Vance McAllister. (

According to the for mentioned link it seems that Mr. McAllister spent $400,000 of his own money to win (buy) the election.  (Many of you devout readers of my drivel know how I feel about politicians and money in politics.  Please refresh yourself with this,

Now how is Mr. McAllister on these issues?  Will he look at the bills and ask a question.

“If this bill passes will it increase the size, cost, extend the reach or power of the government.”  Then VOTE NO for those reasons.  I sincerely doubt it.

(PS as much as I have disagreed with Henry Herford in the past I believe that Hank would at least apply that yardstick before voting.)

A good friend of mine who lives in that district in Louisiana and is a retired Air Force MP has told me that Mr. McAllister wants to FIX OBAMACARE.

That sounds like the typical Republi-con conservative response to tyranny.

We can fix it and make it work.  Remember what I said about two sides of a debate.

Obamacare and fix Obamacare.  That is your typical crap out of the misguided brains of a politician.  They argue the merits of the bills.  The only solution to Obamacare is to get rid of it by defunding it.  By defunding it the Senate and the President have no say it the matter. 

Now something else is going on in the great state of Louisiana.  According to my friend.  Governor Jindal is talking about getting rid of the Marxist State Income Tax.  Didn’t you know that the tax on your income is a plank of Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto.  (Wikipedia, please scroll to section 2    (

What is an income tax doing in a supposedly “Free Country” like these United States??

Now I don’t trust politicians, any politician but I have to applaud the efforts of Governor Bobby Jindal.  He will have one hell of a battle with the politicians of his state who want to soak the taxpayer and then have the ability to use their office and redistribute the income confiscated from the producers of that income to their friends and supporters.

Sounds like Washington, DC to me.

Now back to the Quackers.  My friend  also thinks that if the Robertson’s told their faithful to turn in their guns.  The good old boys down in Louisiana would be disarming in droves.

 (I know they are making firearms with Duck Dynasty’s name on it). (

Concerning merchandising rights.  That is clothing and the what not with Duck Dynasty’s name on it.  Isn’t it interesting almost everything is made in China.

Oh, the money goes to Arts and Entertainment network.  If you go into a Wal-Mart look at the merchandise and you will find the A&E logo.

Now whether you like the show or hate the show Mr. Robertson made a comment which almost got him kicked off the show.  Did Mr. Robertson make that comment to be thrown into the “briar patch.”

The public outcry to keep Mr. Robertson was deafening.  Even the left wing producers of Duck Dynasty had to reverse their decision to kick Mr. Robertson off the show.

The public has won a major victory against the liberal left.

Really……You haven’t won a major battle in this war against “We The People” since the Waxman bill banning Home Schooling back under Comrade Clinton, was defeated by “We The People”.  If I remember correctly there was only one vote for the bill and that was by Henry Waxman.  You may want to do a little research on this nut bag.

((Oh, look him up and see what bills he sponsored.  Like Crap & Trade, “Affordable Patient Protection Act????” and others.  What would really destroy Waxman is a question.

“Did you write that bill and if not who did?”

Please see my video, "Transparent Government."

Anyway every time they win a battle we lose….more and more of our freedoms and liberties go down the drain. 

Anyway I really got into it on Facebook with a bunch of misinformed Americans who think that the reinstatement of Phil Robertson on Duck Dynasty was a major victory.

A major victory would be a lowering of the Debt Ceiling.  Gee where is Speaker of the House John Boehner on this????  He decreased the increase on the Debt Ceiling and hails it as a major victory.  Really, an increase is still an increase.  (decreasing the increase video)

What about a full defunding of the United Nations.  Now that would be a victory and guess what with no United Nations think about how much LESS government and government workers and rules and regulations to be enforced by those government workers there would be.

Now to sum it up.  I’m in favor of more and more activism.  I’m glad people raised hell about what happened to Phil Robertson.  Now what would have happened if only five percent of those good people who took to defending Mr. Robertson on Facebook would have said the following….

If it increases the size of government…

If it increases the cost of government…

If it extends the reach or power of government…


SCRAP  SCRAP, an idea whose time has come.

Change the House of Representatives and you can change the direction these United States is going.

Just remember, cut the size, cost, reach and power of government and preserve liberty.

Or we are doomed to 10,000 years of the most bitter slavery in a new dark age.

I think Bob Welch said something like that.

To find out more on straightening out this mess please visit my website.

Any comments would be appreciated.

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