Thursday, January 30, 2014

Lamar Alexander Criminal???

I got this communication from my friend Dick Ward this morning.

Please read the following on our Republican Senator, Lamar Alexander.
Are his actions criminal? Or are the voters stupid???

You decide.

How much more has there been since the mid-90s, Senator? ~

In Mexico, they have a crime called "inexplicable enrichment" for politicians who accumulate large sums of money that can't be traced. Luckily for us, diligent work by the Memphis newspaper and Edward Pound and Hilary Stout of the Wall Street Journal have explained many of Lamar's sources. 

1. CCA company stock, $8,900 investment yields $142,000 after Governor Lamar helps the company get a $250 million state contract.
2. Corporate Child Care Inc. Jack Massey invested $2 million, and Lamar and Honey got a founder's stake for $5000. Their stake's value grew to $800,000 by 1991.
3. The Jack Massey School of Business paid Lamar $100,000 in 1988, and an undisclosed sum in 1987, to create a "leadership institute" there.
4. Jack Massey's venture capital firm paid Lamar and Honey $44,000 in directors and consulting fees in 1988.
5. Lamar and 6 other investors (including Howard Baker) got a stock option in a newspaper firm for $1 each. He sold his share for $620,000.
6. Whittle Communications, a private education firm, "sold" Alexander stock for $10,000 but didn't cash his check until years later, when they made a deal to sell part of the company for $185 million. Whittle then purchased the stock back from Honey for $330,000.
7. Lamar bought a house in Knoxville for $570,000 in 1990. He sold it a year later, right after being appointed U.S. Secretary of Education, for $977,500 -- to Gerald Hogan, a top executive at Whittle Communications. Pretty much everywhere else in America, housing prices went down in 1991.
8. Whittle communications paid Lamar $125,000 in consulting fees in 1987 for help with a magazine that ultimately failed. (Lamar had credentials - he worked on his high school newspaper.)
9. Howard Baker's law firm paid him nearly $400,000 in 1994, and $295,000 in 1995 for working "at counsel" (not directly for the firm): he was campaigning for President full time both years. The firm is a lobbying law firm that represents Martin Marietta, AT&T, US Tobacco, Federal Express and others.
10. Right after leaving the governorship, Lamar was appointed to the $150,000/year job of President of the University of Tennessee by the Board of Regents, many of whom he appointed while governor. Many employeessaid he didn't show up much, or show much interest in the job.
11. While he was UT President, the university spent $65,000 for entertainment at Blackberry Farms. Honey Alexander owned a third of the resort, which she bought for $10,000.
12. While governor, Lamar tried to get a highway built straight to the door of Blackberry Farms, across land that he and his cronies owned. After newspaper stories about the conflict of interest, the plan was dropped.
13. In 1987, (the year Whittle paid him $125K as a consultant, and that he supposedly worked at Corporate Child Care), Alexander and his family took 6 months off and went to Australia. He wrote a book, for which he received $52,500, and wrote off $128,308 in expenses on his taxes for the adventure.
14. His federal disclosure form indicates he got preferential treatment from a Tennessee bank - two loans and a $212,500 mortgage at prime rate on a Hilton Head, South Carolina condo.
15. Lockheed Martin Corporation (the result of the Lockheed -- Martin Marietta merger) paid him $93,000 in 1994 as a director. When the two companies merged, Lamar (who has no significant business experience) received a $236,000 bonus for his help. Meanwhile, 30,000 Lockheed employees are being laid off.


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Richard Ward,


Who is keeping this clown in office?????

How come the other hand of this conspiracy against US, the Demo-Crap Party never runs a strong candidate?

Could it be both parties are working together against US?

I'm throwing my hat into this race as an INDEPENDENT and if you don't know anything about me I will make you one promise and keep it. 

That promise is to VOTE NO on any proposition which will increase the size, cost, reach and power of government.

SCRAP-SCRAP  an idea whose time has come.  


I am currently gathering signatures to qualify for the ballot.
I will be running in three races.  US Senate, Congress, 7th Congressional District and Tennessee State Senate 28 District.
If you wish to sign any of these petitions please contact me.

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