Saturday, August 11, 2012

A Man with “Stile”.

I want to talk about a gentlemen who I met a few weeks ago in of all place 
Half Moon, NY. , which is a suburb of Albany, NY. (A real citidel of liberty!)

Mr. Stiles who has been a farmer all of his life.  He also owns a gravel and mulch business and actually has a turkey who keeps watch on his property.  

Hats off to you “Turk” You are too good to be on anyone’s plate.

What attracted me was this sign on US 9.

Basically Mr. Stiles goes around and tries to educate his neighbors that taxes are too high.

He is absolutely correct on this issue.

However what Mr. Stiles doesn’t understand is how some of these slippery slick slimy politicians can put a hole in his balloon very quickly.   
They can destroy his argument with the following words.

“Tell me where taxes should be Mr. Stiles???” 

That will cut off any debate on the issue.  Politicians and elitists win, we loose, again.

This is similar to what went on in the 1950’s when a Senator from Ohio by the name of JohnBricker  realized that our country was being destroyed through international treaties.
Senator Bricker decided to do something about it and proposed an amendment to the US Constitution which basically said that all proposed treaties have to be in line with the US Constitution.  This became known as the “Bricker Amendment.”  

The “Bricker Amendment” went viral.  Many citizens bought literature and set up ad-hoc committees to get this thing passed.  The firestorm that was gathering against the Collectivist Elitist Establishment was becoming too much for our unelected leaders to bear.

Anyway what they did is to send Secretary of State, JohnFoster Dulles (and I really suggest you read my late friend Alan Stang’s book called “The Actor.”) to speak in front of a group of lawyers.  Mr. Dulles then dropped a bomb which destroyed Bricker and his amendment.  The bomb was the following statement, “All treaties are in line with the US Constitution.”   
Bricker and his amendment was DOA.

If you want to win an argument with one of these slick, slippery, traitorous politicians who are selling you into slavery.  Don’t ever discuss something that they can throw back at you.  If you want to put one of these SOB’S in a box that they can’t get out of.

Ask this question.

“Gee Congressman Shitforbrains.  I understand that we in these United States have a lot of problems.  Why is it that you and every other slippery, slick, slimy, traitorous politician has the same solution to these problems?

Why are you advocating an increase in the size, cost, extending the reach and power of the government as a solution to this and other problems?
We have too much government now why do you want more?”

That question will kill off any comeback by a politician.

Now let’s create an atmosphere of terror.  Let’s terrorize each and every politician and ask that question. 

If you want to fight now is the time.

Thanks Mr. Stiles.

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