Monday, October 10, 2011

Turnpike Theft

Well it looks like the tolls are going up again in Pennsylvania.


Another 10%

But if you pay with an E-Zpass, no increase.

And the excuse is that I pass E-Zpass costs less to process.

No processing fee.

No toll takers either.

Let me tell you why they are not going to raise the toll on the E-Zpass.

The state of Pennsylvania gets INSTANT INTEREST on that money.

As soon as you click your E-Zpass at the toll booth the state of Pennsylvania is making interest.

Think about it a million dollars at one or two percent interest overnight.

Think about that chunk of change.

The other reason the tolls are going up is because the Federal Government with their mandated programs, the states have to pay for them and they can’t.

So they are scrambling for any way to raise revenue.

Thought you should know.

Pennsylvania Turnpike


This requires a big PS.

My loyal friend and correspondent, "Taz" informed me that you pre-pay for your ezpass.

In other words the Pennsylvania Turnpike Theft (of your money) Commission has use of your money from when you pre-pay until you go through their exorbitant tolls.

They are making a killing in interest on your money.

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