Monday, February 7, 2011

Energy, Another Lie

Keystone Pipeline.

Essentially what it is doing is taking British oil, from the British Dominion of Canada

Piping it through the United States and putting it on tankers which will take the oil to South America and Europe.

That’s cool

The United States makes money putting the pipeline together, right????
Well all the refineries are down by the Gulf of Mexico around Houston, TX.

That’s true however our refineries are operating at 100 percent of capacity.

It’s not a question of oil it’s a question of refining capacity.

We haven’t built a refinery in these United States since 1976.

That is because of the Environmental Protection Agency.

They have made it difficult to get through the permitting process.

These liberal socialists don’t want refineries to be built so that the price of gasoline will be 8 or 9 dollars a gallon. They have crimped the pipeline.

Now what would happen if the Environmental Protection Agency had its budget cut in the House of Representatives????

You may have some refineries built.

Thought you should know.


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