Monday, May 17, 2010

Fixing The Supreme Court

The second type of Judicial Activism is the misuse of the appellate jurisdiction of the Supreme Court.

How many members of the Supreme Court are Communists???

Five, four, three…………........How about ALL of them.

They all believe in the Frankfurter Doctrine which says that the “Constitution is what the Supreme Court says it says.”

The Supreme Court is supposed to make a decision that says “Is this law in line with the United States Bill of Rights.”

Now who decides what cases get heard by the Supreme Court????

The law clerks. These law clerks are liberals from the elitist universities.

How can we level out the playing field so that we can get some people with common sense to become law clerks????

You get a Congressman to introduce a bill that allows a lottery to pick these law clerks.

Let’s say any law student with an A average is eligible to put their name in this lottery.

This would even out the playing field and go a long way to getting out country back.

Thought you should know!

The Heller Lie

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